Hope Renewed: Inaugural Post

John McCain had not been my first choice as a Presidential candidate, but I knew that I would vote for him long before the conservative radio and television pundits had reconciled themselves to the hand they’d been dealt. McCain’s responses at Rick Warren’s Saddleback Forum reassured me somewhat. He didn’t hesitate to choose life and defend it. He was earthy and at ease. Today, his selection of Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska, as his Vice Presidential running mate sealed the deal. A maverick willing to buck her own party, strong, athletic, unwilling to destroy the life of her child because he would not be “perfect” or “convenient”, she cleanses the palate of a generation of shrill, self-absorbed, feminist candidates. Yes, this election cycle truly is about hope and change!


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One response to “Hope Renewed: Inaugural Post

  1. Vicktorya

    I agree. I think she’s great. I’m similarly hopeful, and think she can be (even AS president) be just what ‘these crucial times’ need — clarity, brilliance, and boldness. Sarah Palin is a rock star: Which means: solid and determined to get good jobs done.

    And frankly, I’d love to see her talk to Mahmoud, or Mr. Ill, or Biden. My bet is that she’d come out of any of those j u s t fine.

    With respects to the other VP potentials, my other ‘most hopeful’ choice was in Governor Jindal. Very sharp executives.

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