Nice Big Cake

From HotAir, MSNBC and Michael Moore begin celebrating potential destruction from Hurricane Gustav. Both are pleased that Gustav is about to rain on the parade of the 2008 Republican Convention. Predictable behavior for both, smirking on their air-conditioned sets in the Northeast and eating their BIG CAKE of sarcasm. They are gleeful at their opponent’s possible misfortune despite the potential for significant financial and human loss. But hey, who cares about the fate of the pawns (the ordinary people) so long as they win the political game? Thanks for being so compassionate and caring. Thanks for being Democrats. I don’t have to claim you as one of my own.

The clip provides Olbermann an opportunity to bash Bush (useless since he’s not up for re-election) and to equate McCain to Bush. Other highlights include: (1) Moore’s apologetics for Iran’s escalating nuclear program, (2) “The Chill” Thrill that the Obamatons get whenever The One speaks, and (3) Michael Moore lecturing on what women want. What do I want, Michael? I want to keep as much of my earned income as possible so that I can pay my bills and stay afloat. I want as many people as possible to be self-supporting, making positive contributions to society rather living off the charity of the church or the state. I don’t want other people to murder their pre-born children and use their defense of my “choices” as an excuse. And, I certainly don’t want rich, fat, liberal men condescending to tell me what I want.


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