I will never submit!

I will never submit!

8:46 am EST. World Trade Center North Tower is hit by American Airlines Flight 11.

5:46 am Pacific. I was still dreaming, safe in my bed, an entire continent away.

6:03 am Pacific. United 175 hits WTC South Tower.

My clock radio comes on. I hear voices… President Bush is giving some kind of press conference. A soft breeze is blowing in through the bedroom curtins. The sun is up and the birds in the backyard trees are singing. It’ll be a beautiful morning. I climb out of bed and into the shower.

6:37 am Pacific. American Airlines 77 hits the Pentagon.

6:58 am Pacific. WTC South Tower collapses.

7:03 am Pacific. United 93 crashes in Pennsylvania.

7:28 am Pacific. WTC North Tower collapses.

Moments later I’m starting my car, turning on the radio, and the world as I have always known it collapses. Never take life for granted. Let your loved ones know how much they mean to you. And, never be so idealistic and naive as to think that people will be nice to you if only you are nice to them. There is great evil in this world. Rage against it.


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