Twilight’s Last Gleaming. P.S. Our Flag Was Still There.

Notorious bigot, Ernesto Cienfuegos, editor-in-chief at the Voz de Aztlan (an online website promoting ‘La Raza’) has been vozing his glee–or his dismay, it’s hard to keep track of his meandering thesis–at the proposed bailout of the U.S. banking industry: ‘Twilight’s last gleaming’: The disintegration of the USA. The article sticks to the Voz de Aztlan party line of blaming the U.S., Israel, and the banking industry (i.e., the Jews) for all of the troubles in the world today. The article completely ignores the role of the Community Reinvestment Act in the mortgage crisis (see previous blog post below). The CRA’s goal was to provide home loans to people whose credit was not sufficient to receive a conventional home loan. The beneficiaries of this program were for the most part the low-income blacks, Latinos and other ethnic minorities that Cienfuegos so valiantly champions. It also ignores how these evil banks have been falling over themselves to provide financial services such as loans, bank accounts, etc. to “undocumented” workers (i.e., illegal immigrants from Latin America).

But, for the intellectually dishonest Cienfuegos, history begins with the war in Viet Nam and military spending by the US and Israel are to blame. On the one hand, he criticizes U.S. military actions and “war profiteering” while crowing about Hugo Chavez’s military alliance with Russia:

“In November the Venezuelan Armed Forces will be holding military exercises in the Caribbean with a large and powerful Russian naval flotilla that is presently sailing toward Venezuelan territorial waters.”

Maybe someone should explain to Cienfeugos that Russia is another predominantly Caucasian military Super Power that mirrors his own characterization of the U.S. He also approves of Chavez’s business dealings with China, another nation not known for supporting the ethnic minorities that live within its own borders. Rounding out Cienfuegos’s list of beneficial dictatorships is his hat-tip to Iran:

“President Hugo Chavez is today known as ‘Chavez of Arabia’ because he has come forward in defense of the besieged Arab/Muslim people by the USA and Israel. The region refers to the USA and Israel as ‘The Great Satan and the Little Satan.’ Hugo Chavez has also forged a powerful alliance with Iran. It does not take a rocket scientist to contemplate what this all means for the future of the USA.”

Cienfuegos warns the Aztlan community to prepare themselves for the coming trouble and that “… in a few months you will be paying possibly 12 dollars for a loaf of bread.” Just like in Mexico. Isn’t that what Aztlan wants: for the US to become Mexico?

What truly confounds me is that Cienfuegos is based in Los Angeles and seems to welcome any and all destruction that could be visitied upon the U.S. Does he walk around in some special protective bubble that will keep himself safe if his “heroes” attack the U.S.? He operates under the typical childish delusion that you can spite other people without suffering the consequences yourself.

“Let the naive so called ‘patriots’ suffer for their ignorance. Most of them believe in UFOs and in Big Foot…”

Cienfuegos is an expert on naive beliefs.

Chupacabras of the world, Unite!

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