Sodomy and Gratitude: Collective-Consciousness Hippie Crap from SF

Travel+Leisure magazine readers recently voted on the best travel destination in the U.S., and Boston beat out San Francisco. However, SF still remains popular with travelers.

Keep in mind that this is what San Francisco thinks of you, Red Staters and those of you in a Red State of mind.

Sodomy and gratitude: Nine perfect ways to prepare for the End of Bush. Can you believe it?

By Mark Morford, SF Gate Columnist

You want to celebrate Bush’s permanent retirement to Crawford? Enjoy the perfect send-off with a well-lubricated loved one? You know what to do.

Get ready to pray. To Shiva, to Shakti, to Astarte and Allah and Buddha and Jesus and the Great Mother and whatever divine energy you like that the Dems don’t completely botch it, get just as power-drunk and monomaniacal as their GOP counterparts, and squander what’s shaping up to be an astonishing opportunity to reshape the American experiment.


God is dead. Or rather, the Repub’s particularly cruel version, a gloomy, tyrannical, guilt-slingin’ God from Colorado Springs who loved war and smacked up women’s rights and pretended to tolerate gay people even while hating “what they do,” …. God is not what they say, and She never was.


What, don’t believe in that like-attracts-like, up-your-vibration, collective-consciousness hippie crap? How sad for you. And your fellow Republicans.


See them there, receding, sliding back into the Void with a wail and a whimper. Prepare, at long last, to wave goodbye.

Boston is beautiful this time of year! Go spend your hard-earned dollars there.

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