Jedi Mind Trick: No LGBT curriculum here, move along

Update: School Clams Up on ‘Gay’ Pledge Cards Given to Kindergartners,

Maybe it’s just me, but I always thought that schools were supposed to teach kids to read and write and expose them to the worlds of math, science and history. I don’t understand why the following has to a part of an elementary school program.

Ally Week pledge cards draw parents’ rebuke

HAYWARD — School district officials will evaluate lesson plans used to expose students to homosexual ideals after parents raised concerns that materials used in relation to last week’s national Ally Week were not appropriate for kindergartners.

The incident spurred some parents from Faith Ringgold School of Arts and Science to keep their children out of school during the program and write complaints to the district office.

“My husband and I firmly believe our daughter is too young to be exposed to some of the teaching the classroom teacher has printed in the classroom October newsletter,” said parent Adela Voelker in a letter to school officials obtained by The Daily Review.


Pledge cards were distributed to classrooms for students to confirm their alliance in promoting safer schools “for all students, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity/expression.”By signing the card, students become allies and pledge to “not use anti-LGBT language or slurs, intervene — when I feel I can — in situations where others are using anti-LGBT language or harassing other students, and actively support safer schools efforts.”

Some parents said they interpreted that as forcing youths to take a stand on issues that are inappropriate for their age, prompting officials to look into the wording of the pledge cards with expected changes next year.

“Certainly the kids can make that decision at the high school or college level,” McReynolds said. “But at the kindergarten level, when these students don’t know what the phrases mean, is inappropriate.”

Question of the day: If, as Jack O’Connell claims in the video below, LGBT issues are not a part of the “approved” curriculum, how come they always seem to pop up in schools anyway?

UPDATE: Mike Spence has an answer in his column My school district will teach gay marriage and Jack O’Connell knows it!

Education Code section 51933 makes it clear that schools that teach “comprehensive sex education” have to teach, “respect for marriage and committed relationships”. This is something no school district can get around.

It is the choice of school districts whether or not they teach sex education. This is why the Anti- Proposition 8 campaign and Jack O’Connell say there is no requirement to teach about marriage.

What Jack O’Connell knows but doesn’t say is that 96% of school districts teach comprehensive sex education. Those numbers are from O’Connell’s California Department of Education. 96% must teach respect for marriage.

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