One Republican’s View of the Election Defeat: The Fighter Still Remains

Early this morning, me and a colleague were sorting through all the paper in the communal printer’s output tray. She tentatively asked, ” So what did you think of the election yesterday?”

“My husband and I watched the hockey game and a video. Neither of us wanted to watch wall-to-wall pundits bleating over everything and nothing for eight hours.”

Near the bottom of the unclaimed papers, we found a printed email from our Director to one of the senior managers. It was an invite to a cocktail party to celebrate the end of the “W” era. The obviously personal email was filled with invectives against the President.

“You know, Bush has done some things that I don’t like, but this nastiness just isn’t right,” my colleague said furtively and glanced at me sideways.

“Don’t worry. I’m a Republican. I won’t turn you in to the Political Correctness Police.”

Her eyes widened. “Thank God. So am I. I never see you laughing when the others joke about Palin and McCain and other Republicans. My husband and I were both sooo upset last night.”

Welcome, once again, to my surreal job in Academia. After ten years of constant liberal braying and insults, I always assume that I’m the only conservative and that I am all alone. This little story illustrates the depth of fear that non-liberals enjoy while working for liberal universities.

That two people can share an office for a year, sit four feet away from each other during one of the most heated and high-profile political campaigns of recent history, and not know that they share the same political views because we’re both afraid to reveal ourselves and be ridiculed is poignant. Suddenly, the lone wolves are running parallel tracks. Defeat has brought strangers together. One multiplied is two, two multiplied is four, four becomes sixteen… reach out, organize and grow strong.

Useful Reading:

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Congratulations, Sen. Obama: An Open Letter to the President-Elect, Matt Moon, The NextRight

Not the end of the world
, Chizumatic


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