Card Check: Renewed Push for Unionization at UC

It’s already started. The solicitations to unionize administrative professionals. The election was only a week ago. Obama isn’t President yet (although from the media attention he’s getting you’d think he was already running the country). But, Congress still has unfinished business to pursue and my guess is that “Card Check” legislation (Employee Free Choice Act) will be one of those items. Under current procedures, a secret ballot vote has to be conducted so that employees can vote yes/no to unionize. Card Check circumvents that secret ballot, allowing union members to ask employees directly–up close and in person–to sign ballot cards. This lends itself to coercion, with people agreeing to unionize out of fear of retribution.

I received an email from the University Professional and Technical Employees (UPTE) Union yesterday, soliciting my membership, even though I’m employed in a non-covered position. My guess is that they’re gearing up for another attempt to unionize the remaining non-union staff (lower level administrative positions are already covered by the Coalition of University Employees). While I don’t make as much money as some of my colleagues in private industry, I do have significantly better benefits (selection of health care options, dental, vision, legal, dependant care, vacation package, more paid holidays, etc.). I’m not the least bit unhappy with my job or how the University treats me as an employee. I have no grievances and no interest in unionization.

Back in 2001/2002, the Union made an attempt to organize the administrative professionals and were voted down by a 3 to 1 margin. If I had any good will towards the union before then, that experience left me as one of their bitterest enemies. I was never solicited directly by anyone from the Union. What the organizers did was to have pro-union employees go through the campus phone directories and call everyone in the prospective covered positions. I was called by a colleague in another department who asked if I was interested in helping to organize. I said “no.” No explanations, no political diatribes, no anti-union screed… just a simple “no, thank you.”

Almost immediately afterward, certain colleagues in my unit stopped talking to me. They wouldn’t respond when I walked past them in the hallway and said “hello.” They gave me the cold shoulder in the break room. Several changed seats when I sat next to them at meetings. One even overtly tried to sabotage a project I was working on. I had no idea why or what I had done/said. So, I asked a trusted co-worker. She informed me that these people were all pro-union and were pissed off at me for refusing to help their unionization efforts.

No need for Vinnie to drive up in his pink Cadillac and cap you in the knees with a baseball bat to get you to vote for the union, just get the co-workers to ostracize you, sabotage your work, and make your life miserable.

Welcome to Card Check.

Welcome to hell.


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