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Yoo Hoo: Pelosi Knew Too

Walking down Bancroft Avenue today, I noticed this flyer posted on a newspaper box:


The following flyer deserves to be its companion:


UPDATED 5-15-09

Panetta to CIA Employees: We told Pelosi the truth

Taunted by the GOP, Nancy Pelosi throws a punch-at the CIA, Slate Magazine


Pelosi says she learned of waterboarding in 2003

Why Didn’t Pelosi Act?,

Why don’t the Democrats dump Pelosi?

List Says Top Democrats Were Briefed on Interrogations, New York Times

Top Pelosi Aide Learned of Waterboarding in 2003, Washington Post

Aide told Pelosi waterboarding had been used,

Congress and Waterboarding,

Security Before Politics, Washington Post

Democrats surprised to discover CIA plays politics with intelligence,

Omission Watch: ABC, CBS and NBC Ignore Pelosi’s Torture Hypocrisy,

Madame Speaker, Have You No Decency?, Pajamas Media

Pelosi Roasted by Waterboarding Revelations, Pajamas Media

Waffle House, The Daily Show



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Come on people now, smile on each other, everybody get together, try to love one another right now

A “libertarian” listener called into the Armstrong & Getty radio program this morning to defend Colin Powell’s support of Barack Obama. Like most Obamatons, the caller moved on to the hopey-changey sentiment, vowing that he would vote for Obama because Barack will end the political and social divisiveness that has ripped apart the nation under eight years of George Bush and the Republicans.

Yes, Barack Obama will transform the world. First, let’s see Barack transform Jon Stewart who made this divisive comment about Governor Palin:

“She said that small towns, that’s the part of the country she really likes going to because that’s the pro-America part of the country. You know, I just want to say to her, just very quickly: [expletive] you

Yes, it is only George Bush, Republicans and conservatives who are “divisive.” Yes indeedy, Barack will unite the nation and the world. Divisiveness will end because anyone with a dissenting view, anyone who disagrees with Barack and the Democrats, will be frog-marched off to the Gulag for re-education.

For additional examples of the sweetness and light awaiting you in the Obama Nation visit:

Look Who’s Gripped By Insane Rage, Michelle Malkin
EXCLUSIVE: .22 Gunshot, paint balls fired at McCain / Palin Straight Talk Express, Mark Williams, The Sacramento Union
How Obama Treats Us and How We Treat Obama,
Angry Left Protest C**t Sarah Palin in Philly, Gateway Pundit [WARNING: ADULT LANGUAGE]
Liberal Outrage: A Pro-McCain March in Manhattan, The People’s Cube

And, do I detect a hint of snarkiness from the other side of the world about Obama’s plan to change them?

Barack Obama vows to ‘change the world,‘ The Telegraph

UPDATE: From a blog calling itself “The Moderate Voice” comes this…
Permanent Link to The Excrescence Of Right-Wing GOP Hate

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Twilight’s Last Gleaming. P.S. Our Flag Was Still There.

Notorious bigot, Ernesto Cienfuegos, editor-in-chief at the Voz de Aztlan (an online website promoting ‘La Raza’) has been vozing his glee–or his dismay, it’s hard to keep track of his meandering thesis–at the proposed bailout of the U.S. banking industry: ‘Twilight’s last gleaming’: The disintegration of the USA. The article sticks to the Voz de Aztlan party line of blaming the U.S., Israel, and the banking industry (i.e., the Jews) for all of the troubles in the world today. The article completely ignores the role of the Community Reinvestment Act in the mortgage crisis (see previous blog post below). The CRA’s goal was to provide home loans to people whose credit was not sufficient to receive a conventional home loan. The beneficiaries of this program were for the most part the low-income blacks, Latinos and other ethnic minorities that Cienfuegos so valiantly champions. It also ignores how these evil banks have been falling over themselves to provide financial services such as loans, bank accounts, etc. to “undocumented” workers (i.e., illegal immigrants from Latin America).

But, for the intellectually dishonest Cienfuegos, history begins with the war in Viet Nam and military spending by the US and Israel are to blame. On the one hand, he criticizes U.S. military actions and “war profiteering” while crowing about Hugo Chavez’s military alliance with Russia:

“In November the Venezuelan Armed Forces will be holding military exercises in the Caribbean with a large and powerful Russian naval flotilla that is presently sailing toward Venezuelan territorial waters.”

Maybe someone should explain to Cienfeugos that Russia is another predominantly Caucasian military Super Power that mirrors his own characterization of the U.S. He also approves of Chavez’s business dealings with China, another nation not known for supporting the ethnic minorities that live within its own borders. Rounding out Cienfuegos’s list of beneficial dictatorships is his hat-tip to Iran:

“President Hugo Chavez is today known as ‘Chavez of Arabia’ because he has come forward in defense of the besieged Arab/Muslim people by the USA and Israel. The region refers to the USA and Israel as ‘The Great Satan and the Little Satan.’ Hugo Chavez has also forged a powerful alliance with Iran. It does not take a rocket scientist to contemplate what this all means for the future of the USA.”

Cienfuegos warns the Aztlan community to prepare themselves for the coming trouble and that “… in a few months you will be paying possibly 12 dollars for a loaf of bread.” Just like in Mexico. Isn’t that what Aztlan wants: for the US to become Mexico?

What truly confounds me is that Cienfuegos is based in Los Angeles and seems to welcome any and all destruction that could be visitied upon the U.S. Does he walk around in some special protective bubble that will keep himself safe if his “heroes” attack the U.S.? He operates under the typical childish delusion that you can spite other people without suffering the consequences yourself.

“Let the naive so called ‘patriots’ suffer for their ignorance. Most of them believe in UFOs and in Big Foot…”

Cienfuegos is an expert on naive beliefs.

Chupacabras of the world, Unite!

For you reading pleasure:

15 Things You Should Know About ‘The Race’, Michelle Malkin
Reconquista 101, Hot Air
Mexico Reconquers America, Absolut Drinks to That, Los Angeles Times

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All I share with Gloria Steinem is a chromosome: Thank God!

Gloria Steinem has penned a syndicated opinion piece ranting against Sarah Palin. The San Jose Mercury News took a double dip on this one, printing it on Sept. 5 with the title, “Palin: Wrong woman, wrong message,” and again in the Sunday (Sept. 7) print edition as “Palin ploy won’t work: All she shares with Clinton is a chromosome.” Sarah Palin must have the editors at the Merc scared out of their shorts.

I blew off reading the article when it first appeared, after all Gloria Steinem is utterly irrelevant to my life. She is just another East Coast, elitist, snob laboring under the pretension that she somehow has the right to tell me what to think and do. I grew up as a daughter of the 70s Dazed and Confused generation, when the National Organization of Women was at its nadir. While our mothers were supposedly all living the Swingtown experience and ignoring their children, I and many of my friends were taken under the wings of older feminists. These women, trying to relive the dubious glory of their 60s bra burning days, encouraged us to fight The Man, be independent, not allow ourselves to be baby-making factories, and to storm the halls of the Captains of Industry.

True to the quote attributed to Ms. Steinem, “Evil is obvious only in retrospect,” my eyes were opened to the phoniness of feminism in the 80s. Now in their mid- to late-thirties, these NOW nags began popping out babies at a rapid pace. They somehow couldn’t divest themselves of the motherly urges programmed into those X chromosomes. After years of advising that children would only tie me down and ruin my career, one of them proudly told me she didn’t feel like a “real woman” until she got pregnant. This, after years of trying to convince us younger women that motherhood and family life were antiquated and outdated! Unfortunately for me, my biological clock stopped ticking earlier than most women’s, therefore no mid-life crisis babies for me. Several of my contemporaries, who bought into the free-sex and liberation lie, had so many abortions by that time that they could no longer conceive.

In a sad, satirical way my 70s and 80s experience with feminism is somehow captured in the 1987 movie Lost Boys. A generation of girls, left without direction when their mothers went to work or off to do their own thing, were like lambs for the feminists to seduce. As grandpa snorts in the Lost Boys, “There’s one thing about living in Santa Carla I never could stomach – all the damn vampires.” There’s one thing about feminists that I never could stomach – all the damn vampires. Bite me, Gloria.

Additional Reading:

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GOP devil child mesmerizes the nation

Piper Palin stole the show during last night’s telecast of the Republican National Convention.

She succeeded in winning over the hearts of America. Fortunately for us right-wing, fundie demons, our children have horns and tails that are retractable, too!

We can’t have that, now can we?

Andrew Sullivan at The Atlantic (via Ace of Spades) gets snarky about parading such cute, right-wing offspring before the nation:

Did I just see Cindy holding Trig? I mean: can we have it one way or the other? Either the family is out of bounds or it is in the spotlight. Brandishing a child with Down Syndrome as a campaign statement is daring the press to ask questions about him.

And the AP piles on at Google News:

Analysis: GOP contradicts self on Palin family

Back off and let the Palin family be. “That’s out of bounds,” said Minnesota’s Republican governor, Tim Pawlenty. “There’s no need to be intrusive and pry into that.”…. The Republican message about the Palin offspring comes across as contradictory: Hey, media, leave those kids alone — so we can use them as we see fit.

Remind me again why Chelsea Clinton was off-limits when her father was President? Didn’t the Clintons trot her out for the requisite “happy family” photo ops? Sorry, I forgot: the rules of civility only apply when we’re talking about Democrats. Republicans and their children are fair game.

Update: Possibly one of the sickest things I’ve ever seen on the Internet (via The Jawa Report): I Miss My Mommy.


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