Baseball Karma

… what goes around, comes around.

Jeff Kent will be retiring from baseball tomorrow in LA. Kent, who has posted Hall of Fame stats as a 2nd basemen, was always a tough player, straight up, in your face. He was my favorite Giant, in an era of major league egos. Of course, the shallow and celebrity-loving San Francisco Giants management, let Kent go and kept their ‘roid-ridden cheater, Barry Bonds.

My idea of perfect karma: Jeff Kent goes into the Hall of Fame before Bonds (if Bonds ever gets there… ).


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California Budget Farce: We Report, You Decide


Calif. tax refunds to be delayed starting Feb. 1
refunds, student aid, social services and mental health programs. A severe drop in revenue has left the state’s main bank account depleted. The state had been relying on borrowing from special funds and Wall Street investors; those options are no longer available.l


The University of California regents voted Wednesday to cut freshman enrollment by 6 percent, slashing 2,300 spots as the UC system grapples with expected cuts in state funding.


Regents in favor said the cuts were necessary to maintain quality.

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s budget proposal calls for cutting $131 million from the UC system by June 2010 and eliminating a planned budget increase of $210 million for 2009-10

UCLA and UC Berkeley will not be affected by Wednesday’s decision and enrollment at UC Merced will continue to grow. Enrollment at the university system’s other six campuses will be reduced.


Subject: January 20th Inauguration event
From: “Robert J. Birgeneau, Chancellor” <>
Date: Mon, January 12, 2009 6:15 pm
To: “Academic Senate Faculty, Staff, All Academic Titles, Other Members of the Campus Community, Students,” <>
Priority: Normal


I invite you to join UC Berkeley students, faculty and staff and members of our
local community at a public viewing of the inauguration of President Barack H. Obama
on Tuesday, January 20, 2009, in Sproul Plaza.  A large screen will be installed at
the main entrance to Sproul Hall, and proceedings from Washington, D.C. will be
broadcast beginning at 7:30 am.  The Presidential Oath of Office will be
administered by 9:00 am (noon EST), with the inaugural address following.  Note that
the proceedings are outdoors and will be held rain or shine.  The University's
formal program will begin at 8:15 a.m.


Spring instruction begins on January 20th and we will not be cancelling morning
classes; however, some instructors, for academic reasons, may opt to bring their
class to this event. Campus supervisors have discretion to grant two hours of
administrative leave to staff to attend this event, as work demands permit.  Please
print out this message for those members of your staff who do not use computers.

I look forward to joining you all at this historic event.

Chancellor Robert J. Birgeneau

The State of California is out of money. The State of California will be paying its bills with IOUs. The State of California will be reducing the University of California’s budget and cutting enrollment.

But, UC Berkeley will be paying its staff to sit on their arses for several non-productive hours to watch the inauguration of The One, The Messiah, Lord Barack Obama.

This is both an opportunity for our campus community to share in a momentous historic occasion for our country and a time to rededicate ourselves to public service – a primary mission of our university.

Now that’s real Public Service for you… a bloated bureaucracy wasting tax payer money on political pomp and circumstance.

California goes bust: Tax refunds to be delayed,
California’s Budget Crisis Solved,
What if California Could File Bankruptcy?, Fox & Hounds

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SJ City College’s Pushy Nurse Ratched

After an absence, I had to take time out to blog once again. The impetus? A local color story by San Jose Mercury News columnist Patty Fisher published on Friday, January 16, Fisher: Student cut through the smoke.

Students returning to San Jose City College for spring ´╗┐classes will notice a couple of changes: cleaner air and a bunch of new “No Smoking” signs.

For those changes, they can thank fellow student Teresa Van Devere, an ex-smoker who got sick of breathing secondhand smoke and pushed the administration to ban all smoking on campus.

Fisher’s article exposes Van Devere’s motivation:

There’s no denying Van Devere is a pushy person.

“I’ve always been a fighter,” she said. “I’m very comfortable being disagreeable.”

Even if she hadn’t been born a fighter, her tough childhood would have strengthened her backbone. Homeless most of her life, in and out of foster care as a teenager, she learned that the only way to get what she needed was to demand it.

So, the premise is that just because a formerly homeless, foster-care raised woman decides she wants what she wants when she wants it, everyone else must comply? Mach snell!

Who is Teresa Van Devere to dictate to me or you how we live our lives?

When her daughter was 4 months old, Van Devere enrolled in a nursing program [emphasis mine] at San Jose City College. Unfortunately, she often found herself engulfed in clouds of smoke.

Even scarier is the idea of the future Ms. Van Devere as Nurse Ratched. San Jose City College is apparently in the business of producing pushy, autocratic nurses whose personal preferences dictate the behavior of their patients and the population in general.

So she sent letters and photos to college officials and, with encouragement from a couple of her professors, took her campaign for a smoke-free campus to the Academic Senate, the Associated Students and eventually to the district’s top brass. Finally the new policy, which goes into effect Jan. 31, was approved.

Students at San Jose City College, please remember to thank Nurse Ratched for the healthy lifestyle she has imposed upon you. Take your meds. Don’t ask questions. Don’t question your masters, the decision makers.

The campus smoking policy is not the only change Van Devere has engineered in the past three years. It all began when she got pregnant at 25. She was homeless, hadn’t finished high school and had a two-pack-a-day habit. She was determined to take charge of her life.

“First thing I did was quit smoking,” she said. “My thinking was that if I was going to keep my child, I had to live right by her and give up habits that were not beneficial to her.”

She moved into a shelter for pregnant women. Counselors there helped her complete her GED and get a driver’s license. When her daughter was 4 months old, Van Devere enrolled in a nursing program at San Jose City College. Unfortunately, she often found herself engulfed in clouds of smoke.

“Everyone would walk outside after class and light up,” she said. “I realized how much the secondhand smoke was affecting me.

What qualifies Van Devere to make your health decisions for you? According to Patty Fisher, Van Devere is qualified because she belongs to two pre-approved liberal victim groups: formerly homeless and single mother. She has lived on the street and in shelters. Therefore, she knows more about life than you, especially if you grew up in an intact home (be it apartment, house, or trailer), stayed in high school (even though you despised it), used birth control or kept your legs closed, graduated, got a job or went to college, and made a career and life for yourself. Now you, who strove to make reasonably intelligent and mature decisions about your life, are to be told how to behave by someone who herself made poor life decisions.

Professors David Yancey and Peter D’Eliscu encouraged her uphill effort to declare the entire campus smoke-free.

“She came into my political science class and was really excited about this,” Yancey told me. “I showed her the political pathway she needed to follow.”

While helping Van Devere work her way through the college bureaucracy, Yancey was impressed with the young woman’s determination and her obvious passion for advocacy.

“She’s a real fireball,” he said. “A lot of people have these ideas, but every now and then you get someone like Teresa who comes along and has the energy and the effort to pull it off.”

This is proof of how low Political Science education has sunk over the years. Political Science no longer seeks to educate students on the history and civics of the United States. Political Science no longer tries to instill in students the nation’s founders’ ideas of freedom and liberty, ideas that drove them to rebel and throw off the rule of the King’s taxes and regulations. Political Science is now focused on training liberal partisan activists, pre-programmed to attain power and force their policies on the rest of the population.

“Hi! I’m from the government, and I’m here to help.”


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Doonesbury’s Next Target?

While sipping Arabian Mocha Java and reading the comics this morning, a thought popped into my head. “Poor Garry Trudeau. What will he do now that Bush is leaving office? Who will he have to kick around in the frames of Doonesbury?”

Trudeau began his career in 1970 by kicking around Dick Nixon. For the last eight years, he’s been mercilessly lampooning George Bush.

But with the election of George W. Bush, who attended Yale with Trudeau back in the Sixties, “Doonesbury” has taken on an urgency and relevance reminiscent of its early, gleeful assaults on Nixon. Trudeau offered a $10,000 reward to anyone who could verify that Bush fulfilled his duties in the Air National Guard, and he brought home the reality of the war by having his character B.D. lose a leg while fighting in Iraq.


At the height of his Bush Derangement Syndrome (BDS), Trudeau he fell for the fictionalized Lovenstein Institute report on Bush’s IQ.

In August 2001, Trudeau and The Guardian both fell for a report by the fictional “Lovenstein Institute” that stated that President George W. Bush had the lowest IQ (91) of any president in the past 50 years, and that former president Bill Clinton had exactly twice the IQ of Bush. The Guardian published an article while Trudeau published a comic strip based on the given information. Both later realized they had fallen for the hoax, and both made public retractions.[5][6]

Since Trudeau likes conspiracy theories, I wonder if he would be willing to offer a $10,000 reward for proof of Obama’s birth place?

So, which Republican now has the biggest Doonesbury target on their back? Schwarzenegger has already been in the crosshairs (from Interocitor).


Watch out Sarah Palin, Mike Huckabee, Newt Gingrich, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Michael Steele and John Boehner.

I will know that there truly is justice in this world the very first time that Gary lambasts The One, The Messiah.

But I’m not holding my breath.


Decision on Obama citizenship pending: Court delays action on suit, The Washington Times

Justice Thomas Breaks Custom: Will Supreme Court Decide Obama Ciitzenship Case?, The

Truthers to the left of me, truthers to the right, Michelle Malkin

DOONESBURY: Drawing and Quartering for Fun and Profit, Time

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Saturday Night Songs: Where I Stood

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When Justice Flashed Her Partisan Panties

UPDATE: Ann Coulter, with her characteristic sarcastic wit, has a few words to day about one of the innocent, Gitmo victims: Terrorists’ Restless Leg Syndrome

I recently had one of my infrequent brushes with Alameda County Superior Court. After boring hours of sitting in the gallery listening to proceedings, I was treated to a rare moment when the judge flashed her partisan panties. The judge was explaining how the U.S. court system was different from that in most countries. In the U.S., of course, the defendant is considered innocent and the government (District Attorney in this case) has to prove that the defendant is guilty. She contrasted this to “some” unidentified countries where a person could be snatched off his farm, shackled, imprisoned and brought before a tribunal. Then the poor, uneducated, unsophisticated defendant must somehow prove that he is innocent.

Pause for effect…

“And, unfortunately, there are some people in our current government who think that this treatment is perfectly reasonable.” (read: Guantanamo)

Bada-bing, bada-boom.

This elicited several snide anti-Bush remarks among members of the gallery.

That a judge in Alameda County should be a liberal, Democrat Party shill is not surprising. That said judge would be feel emboldened enough to make such a partisan remark from the Bench is disturbing.

Everyone is to be considered innocent until proven guilty. Jurors are expected to keep open minds until they hear the facts of the case. But, the judge gets to advocate political opinions from the Bench without backing them up with evidence, without having opposing views being presented. That’s not bullying, is it? Why of course not. It’s only abusive power when a conservative judge or a Republican administration does it.

Justice is no longer blind. She’s been given a set of bionic eyes, programmed and controlled by her liberal, partisan masters.


Judicial Activism Reconsidered, Thomas Sowell

Behind The Bias: A Drive For ‘Social Justice’, Dennis Praeger

Debate: Difference of principles on judiciary,

Clear and Present Danger, Weekly Standard

One of NYT’s Guantanamo Bay ‘Innocents’ Turned Suicide Bomber on Release,

Judging the Judges, American Spectator

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Saturday Night Songs: Rissi Palmer

Yes, I’m still here… too distracted by the business of living to blog. Enjoy!

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